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《信条》剧院部分使用的防毒面具型号 / Gas Mask Appeared in TENET Opera House Scene

考虑到可能还有人跟我一样被这个问题——电影《信条》中剧院部分使用的防毒面具是什么型号,所困扰,特此记录一下:防毒面具的型号为MSA Advantage 1000。希望这能够帮到你。

This article is for those who are curious about the gas mask model used by the protagonist in the opera house scene of the film TENET. For the record, the gas masks are MSA Advantage 1000. Hope this article can help you.


The answer comes from this Reddit post, and here is the mask’s official page from MSA.


The photos of the mask can be found on MSA and retailer’s website, so I will not post them here.